Sunday, January 20, 2008

Once Neeraj, a close friend of mine banged my balls and fled away.Obviously me being the worser athlete doesnt chase him ,but I use my warrring tactics.
In other words i wait for him to return to the class.Adjusting the perfect level for the balls of a 6 footer,I stood,I waited.His identification mark being his maroon sweater.After the long wait came the flash of the maroon sweater.My palm turned into a fist of rock, reaching for the lower abdomen,justice was going to be served,the balance was going to be complete,the eggs of joy were going to crack.But no ,sudden realisation,i move away from the maroon sweater, tearing my hair,half mad running around the class like a crazy baboon.I would have done the undoable.

P.S.:A girl named Amal who was from Somalia , and who was a 6 footer and who was the girl with the biggest biceps,had worn a maroon sweater that day.

Something at class

Kiran,(looking at me):Chetti kulangara.......
(Me interrupting):Kulungunna chedi.....
Its been a really long time since my last post.Well,sis hahd come from india and practicals and cousins wedding all that kept me from blogging.
abbe kya karega yaar!!!
Anyway Ill give ayou a series of incidents that happened well my cousines wedding.
To begin with the wedding day was a traditional Hidu mallu wedding.So that part was kinda boaring....
But the day before and the day after the wedding was fabulous.The day before the wedding was at my uncle's (future father in law's place).The place had an open ground in the front and there were 4 surround sound speaker system.
I played a few songs from my cell, it ws real fun.
The day led to dancing and singing etc,etc.
The day after wasnt as good as the day before but it was fine.
THERE WAS FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So it'll pass.On the whole the ten day trip was a fun filled journey, and a relief from school.:D
Then my sis came from India for a one week trip.I was happy,Dad was happy and obviously Mom was happy.It was a happy period.But we didnt notice the days passing by and soon she left.
Well that's all for today folks!!!!