Friday, April 15, 2011

Crazy stuff that i have done..

Well what inspired me to write this blog was pure bordem. A well known fact amongst hostellites is that we all do crazy shit. I mean seriously CRAZY!!
So i dedicate this blog entry to all hostellites that hate wardens and love life at hostel. I am going to list the top 10 wierdest things that i have done through my 2 years of college life,
1.Had to write an appology letter for dancing in the corridors at 2 am during silence hours.
2.Bought my sister a valentines dday card for her b'day without knowing what it is.
3.Went to Mumbai and blew up my saving of around Rs.10000 and didnt actually buy anything.
4.Ate dog meat knowing it was dog meat just because it was 10 rupees lesser than chicken meat.
5.Walked for three hours to reach my aunt's place and got lost.(I was actually going around in circles).
6.Asked a random stranger if she would go out with me for a bet with my friend which got me a maaza.
7.Driven a scooter which did'nt have any breaks.(P.S-I dont know how to drive)
8.Went to keralal in the toilet seat of a train from Blore.
9.Have lived for a month with 150 rupees.
10.Shat in a hole without any water.
(The above given experiences have been sensored as blog readers may kick my ass).


AtomicGitten said...

For a minute I couldn't believe my eyes- you actually UPDATED!!!
1. Heh heh heh did some one take a video?
2. It's ok it was the first time I'd gotten a Valentines Day card :P
3.It happens bro.
4. .... pishukkinum und'orathiru
5. Heh heh ende aniyan thanne :D
6. Ayye....
7. OH GOD!
8.Urk.. :S
9. Niiiiiiice

ajmal said...

YOu ATE DOG'S MEAT???? You mean the 'p' 'a' 't' 't' 'i' erachii? Where the hell did you find this restaurant?
Anyway can you explain me your experience?

Ash said...

Jesus christ, I didn't expect anything less entertaining from the one post you wrote! My God! :D had me in splits! hahaha write more aniya but please don't go eat dog meat again.